Rancho Oro

Rancho Oro is one of Cabezon’s first neighborhoods.  Located south of the Yucatan neighborhood and north of the Rancho Plata neighborhood, Rancho Oro is in close proximity to Cabezon Park.  Home features in Rancho Oro vary from pueblo style accents from kiva fireplaces, tongue and groove ceilings, vigas to curved archways.

Rancho Oro Cabezon Neighborhood

Sizes of homes in Rancho Oro

Rancho Oro Real Estate Activity

Last year, the sales price of homes in Rancho Oro ranged from $318,900 to $615,000, averaging $405,737.  See the home value comparison over previous years:


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Finding a home in Cabezon has never been easier.  You can read listing details, view photos, and schedule a showing online.


From the nurturing environment of the elementary school to the academically acclaimed middle school highlighting above-average test scores, and culminating in the high school’s impressive 9 out of 10 rating for college readiness, students in the Rancho Oro neighborhood are well-equipped for success at every stage of their academic journey.

Cabezon Park


Located directly east of the Rancho Oro neighborhood is the recreational dream: Cabezon Park.   With the community center, swimming pool, and athletic field just a stone’s throw away, Cabezon Park serves as more than just a recreational haven; it’s a vibrant hub where neighbors gather, friendships flourish, and memories are etched into the fabric of daily life.

Discover the allure of Cabezon Park and let its pathways guide you on a journey of exploration and connection.  Learn more about Cabezon Park

Where is Rancho Oro?

From Unser Blvd. SE., turn east on Cabezon Blvd. SE. to Santolino Dr. SE.  Turn south on Santolino Dr. SE. to enter the Rancho Oro community.

GPS Coordinates:  35.23237, -106.69370