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Athletic Field

Adjacent to the Cabezon Park and the Cabezon Community Center, is the expansive Athletic Field, spanning a generous 1.5 acres of green grass.  This sprawling grassy spot serves as a versatile playground for sports enthusiasts of all stripes, accommodating everything from high-energy football matches to spirited soccer showdowns and even intense volleyball bouts.  Offering ample off-street parking for the convenience of players and spectators, the Athletic Field stands as an icon of community recreation and camaraderie.

Athletic Field in Cabezon

Field Features:

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A Venue for Athletic Excellence

Beyond its daily use, this verdant field is also available for rent, providing an ideal venue for tournaments, leagues, and special events. In the heart of Cabezon, this field isn’t just a patch of grass—it’s a hub of athletic prowess and community connection.

Whether it’s the thrill of competition or the joy of coming together, the Athletic Field in Cabezon is where sportsmanship and fellowship intertwine, creating memories that echo through the community.

Where is the Athletic Field?

From Cabezon Blvd. and Trail Side Road, turn south on Trail Side Road. The field is a couple hundred feet on the west side of the road.

GPS Coordinates:  35.22989, -106.68936